Platinum X Uniforms

Inaria’s Platinum X Program allows your organization to create a unique look, something which is specific to your team or club.  In just 12 short weeks, we can have your custom product delivered right to your doorstep, complete with all the logos, names, numbers, and/or any other embellishments that you may want to include.

It all starts with the design process, where you can choose your product’s design, colors, placement of logo(s), placement of numbering, etc.  At that point, a production worksheet is created, which provides specific details about your order and what is required.  Once the production worksheet is approved, along with the quantities and sizes you require, the actual production begins.

So, Get Creative and start designing your Platinum X Uniform today! 


*** Please Note:  The colors shown on these diagrams are examples only, and can be changed to your team/club colors with ease (in addition to adding your logo, numbers, etc).  Please contact your Sales Representative for more information.

 (Click any picture below to open the example)

 Calcio Home Calcio Away  Campione Home Campione Away
Gola Home Gola Away  Liverpool Home  Liverpool Away
 Rio Home  Rio Away  Sorrento Home

 Sorrento Away


 Sweden Home Sweden Away  Tiro Home Tiro Away
  Viva Home Viva Away